Azzun, Qalqiliya, Mon 15.10.07, Morning

Frances T., Roni Sh. (reporting) Galia S. - translation


06:40 – Two Hummer vehicles are on the hills opposite the entrance to Alfe Menashe, watching the congestion at the exit. At Eliyahu Passage there are only few workers who are waiting to pass to Israel.



06:45 – At the entrance there is no line, while at the exit thee is a big taxi with a family and many big and full suitcases inside. Two soldiers are busy checking all the suitcases. The passengers are told to take everything out and spread it on the ground. The checkpoint commander is busy copying from one notebook to another. Two additional soldiers, hands in pockets, let the few cars that enter the city pass without inspection. In the meantime, some 20 cars have piled up at the exit (the end of the line cannot be seen).


07:05 – The taxi goes on its way, leaving a number of tangerines rolling in the sand. The checkpoint commander makes time to check with another soldier the line generated at the exit. It takes 25 minutes to check 15 cars. The line isn't short because more cars keep joining in.


07:25 – We leave.

 07:30 – The entrance to Azzun is open. On both sides of road 55 we see