Beit Furik, Huwwara, Tue 2.10.07, Afternoon

Shlomit (guest), Dina P., Raheli B. ( reporting)

Translation: Hanna K.

A detainee in the detention cell, because of "insolence" towards the soldiers, - that's to say he asked the soldiers to speed matters up and enable people to pass quicker – we called the Center, he was released 40 minutes later.
It is difficult to observe the humiliation that the Palestinians have to undergo during their checking at the CP, which is accelerated by the soldiers' behavior:
gum chewing, a relaxed posture, a constant winding of the identity disk around the index finger pointed at the passing people, orders given by a glance of a short movement of the hand, the instruction to take off the belt and to roll the shirt up, often also the trouser down.
The waiting time is over half an hour (we followed with our eyes the last person who joined the queue, until he reached us).
15:35-17:00 -The waiting time increases to 45 minutes.
Shouts that were heard from the crowded queue of waiting people caused the checking process and the passage to stop for long minutes.
According to the CP commander there are no concessions in honor of the Ramadan.

Beit Furik
15:10-15:30 -A very sparse traffic. One car from each direction and people passing without having to wait.
According to the CP commander there are concessions in honor of the Ramaddan: the inhabitants of Salaam, Dir-El-Hatab and Azmut are allowed to pass to Beit Furiq without permits or without the presence of family members. The CP is active until midnight.
On the other hand, when we tried to corroborate the information one of the soldiers answered that "there are no concessions, an information that was confirmed by a Palestinian woman who left the CP and didn't know about the existence of concessions.
Seems like an ingenious invention – there are concessions that the commanders know about but the Palestinians don't (why should they know) and even the soldiers who are actually performing the checking don't know.