'Anabta, Qalqiliya, Mon 24.12.07, Morning

Francis T. Osnat R., Natanya translating

6:35 Qalqiliya
There are no lines and hardly any checking. At Azun there is no checkpint.  The road from there to A-Ras is quiet, maybe too quiet and no presence of the army.   At A-Ras there are no lines and cars  both entering and exiting are checked.

8:00 Anabta

 No more than 5 cars and random checkinginfo-icon of IDs. But pedestrians are ordered to live their shirts before coming forward. Maybe it is easier harder to draw a gun in a passing car.

 Reserve soldiers man the checkpoint and ask us what we do most of them showing support. One says that they army once gave them a course in how to act at the checkpoint. On the other hand he said that they were not given guidance as to how to identify a suspicious person and so much if left to the discretion of the commander