Jubara village and Checkpoint, MON PM, 1 Dec 2003.Watchers: A.L., N.G., D.G., T.K.Visitor: N.O'H.We arrived at the village of Jubara at about 14:00. The children had already passed. Although we had tried the day before to get information about what time the kids passed through, we missed them anyway. On our way back, we stopped at the village and were told that the kids come back at 12:30. When we asked another man, he said 13:30.If anyone knows the correct time, we'd like to be informed.We reached the Jubara checkpoint itself (on the road). Both side were very busy, but the soldiers were reasonable and the wait was too.One soldier (named Niv) approached two of us and complained about a MachsomWatch team. He claimed that there were complains about him, and that one member of MachsomWatch had called him a murderer.We don't know what happened there -- but from what we saw, the soldier's behavior was ok. He sounded very hurt.