16:50:.Soon after we arrived an order came to close the CP down. It must have been some kind of "hot alert". We felt a lot the panic. They lit the area with flares, and donned helmets. A lot of shooting was heard along the fence, and seemingly all over. In the midst of all this, people were walking freely towards Ramallah. A group of frustrated, suffering Palestinians was hoping to pass southward. For a short while the order was to pass people over 30. One woman with a 9-year-old boy who had a bag and a backpack were not let through because the soldiers were afraid to check the bags! On our drive back to town we encountered ad hoc checking. It took over an hour to get to town. There were 2 women soldiers were helpful to people in trouble- they let through a man who had heart trouble, and saw to it that a pregnant young woman and saw to it could breastfeed her babyinfo-icon in the hut.