'Anin, Reihan, Mon 24.12.07, Morning

Chana I, Leah R (reporting)

Aanin, Reihan  06:20 - 09:20 06:20

Aanin Checkpoint
Already on the way to the checkpoint we encounter people who ask us to hurry to the gate because there are problems. We see masses of people (perhaps 200) all shouting, angry. The soldiers, apparently, are not functioning, I think they are even panicked. Soldiers are calling for reinforcements. Three jeeps arrive and, meanwhile, no one passes. 07:30 – many people still waiting. The soldiers took many into the space between the fences, and the others who remained beyond the fence start quarreling between themselves with shouts and blows because the line is not preserved. The soldiers try to move them back, but no one budges..A soldier fires a warning shot. 08:00 – all are in the space between the fences, and they are passing one by one. 08:20 – all are through. 

08:30 Rihan (Bartaa) Checkpoint
We are told that the terminal is full of people. People passing into the West Bank say they waited about half an hour.Many people who visited family in the Seam Zone for the festival, returning to the West Bank.The drivers complain that there are still no toilets in the Palestinian parking lot. 

09:20 – six loaded pickup trucks wait to be checked, and four private cars.We leave.