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E-Ram 8.15 - few peoples and cars passing quiqkly.Qalandya 8.30- A long line of pedesterians going northwaiting to be checked by a female soldier.. (Bags not IDs). Many people coming from Jabaa were made to get out of taxis and off of buses. They were heading north. At the checkpoint, there were about ten men waitingfor their IDs to be returned. Later, they told us it took about 15-30 minutes to get them back. Yellow taxis were driving freely, not checked or harassed like last Saturday.Our shift was instructed to get more information about the confiscated transits, yellow plated transits driven by orange IDs owners. We saw eight transits held at the airport (7 white and one red). We called Bassem, one of the drivers, who was very optimstic about our ability to help him. He suggested we call Shad i(whom he also called). We tried Shadi and the command post, but we couldn't get anyone. I tried again at home but nobody answered except the operator. I had to disappoint Bassem.On the north side, not many people were waiting to pass south. They were checked either by the volunteer or by a regular soldier.We tried to track down the commander of the checkpoint, to ask about the confiscated cars, and also because we had heard that he harasses Palestinians for no reason. We were told by the officer that it was not his duty either to confiscate or to release cars. However, he calls the police whenever he tracks transits with yellow plates and drivers with orange IDs. He suggested that we direct our complaints to the border police. Back at E-Ram, we saw a detained man standing waiting in the rain. He was caught with an orange id and no permission. He was being checked by the secret services and even if found to be without any kind of a security record, he could be held up to six hours.