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E-Ram: Four soldiers checking the cars and pedestrians quickly and efficiently. Half an hour waiting time for cars, a lot of schoolchildren in heavy, raining cold weather.Sunny 2000: One jeep on the road.Qalandya: Crowded long line of pedestrians. Even schoolchildren had to pass the checking line. All had to stand in the rain.No soldiers or checking on the north side.A family with a six months old babyinfo-icon tried to avoid the control. Soldiers forced them to go through the waiting line. After we spoke with the officer, he agreed to check them out of the line and let them pass.A lot of people avoid the checking line, and no one seems to care about them.One volunteer woman soldier behaved rudely and aggressively toward the people.An ambulance with a little sick girl and her parents had to wait in line before getting checked and allowed to continue. Quite a lot of Border Police presence in the city and on the way to E-Ram.