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On arrival at the round near the (gas station), we spotted a large group of border police. We split up into 2 teams -- one staying by the soldiers, and the other going toward the wall. The border police were stopping the transits and checking id's. One driver and his vehicle were taken up to the police station because he took someone without a permit. One border policeman demanded that we move 30 m away, claiming it was the law and we were bothering him. We did not move. Later on, we met him again while following his patrol up the hill toward the university. He again demanded we move away and threatened to arrest us! By the wall, people were climbing over. Only when the bp patrol passed, one man was ordered to return to the east side. Up the hill, the university gate was opened and nothing was going on at the hotel. However, people said that yesterday the gate was closed and the bp took people to the hotel and beat them.