Few minutes before our arrival (10:30a.m) soldiers spilled dirty grease on the passage in the wall so that passage will be even more difficult and dangerous than it was. Very quickly sand was brought by H. and grease was covered. We called the Jerusalem border police commander, the Jerusalem police chief, the Army spokesman who gave us wrong number to Jerusalem BP, Police spokeswoman. This was very frustrating: at most numbers there was no answer (may be because of Saturday) at others massages were left but nobody called back. There were no soldiers around to speak with. People told us that soldiers came in a jeep, spilled grease and went away. We will write a complain to the border police.Wadi Nar: We took transit from the other side of the wall to Wadi Nar road. Today there were two checkpoints on this road at Sawahre and at Al-Abadiye. We met H. at Sawahre who was very eager to show us around and to explain the situation. He, and other people said that the arrangement of checkpoints at Wadi Nar changes all the time. In comparison with previous Saturday it was much better because car movement was possible although slow because of the necessity to pass two checkpoints. We could see many people going through mountains, however it seems that they did it mainly to shortcut a way and to avoid unpleasantness of checking. It was not like the previous week that people were not allowed to move from one area to another.