8:20 - no soldiers around. Two jeeps were driving by but took no notice of the happenings around. Not too many people were crossing over the wall. We helped as many as we could. Once we moved from the wall a jeep stopped and two soldiers got out and started checking ID’s and turning people, men and women alike, without the right papers back. After a while another jeep arrived and 8 soldiers checked almost every one that came across the wall. The gate at the university was closed. Passage through the cement blocks requires real climbing, but is made easier by two chairs on each side. M. who lives in Azaria and has a blue ID told us that last Friday (Jan. 17) she came back at 15:30 through Abu-Dis and crossed the wall with three other women and two soldiers. One of the soldiers had a tear gas grenade in his hand and was about to throw it. When she asked him “what are you doing” he answered, “They don’t understand any other way” and throw the grenade. The women quickly entered a transit, closed the windows and drove away.A young man approached us. He told us that his wife just had a babyinfo-icon, and he needs to take her home. He has an orange ID without the permit because he is under 35. The transit drivers refuse to take him to the hospital because of this. We gave him the Moked card.