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On arrival we heard a shot and saw smoke on the other side of the wall. The BP threw a gas-grenade to disperse a gathering of people. Two jeeps were strolling around. One of them with their commander Imad stood in the middle of the road next to the gas station, Imad chatting with the transit drivers, his soldiers checking IDs occasionally. They were blocking the passage of cars without any consideration.One of the transit drivers told us he had 2 of his cars taken because he had given rides to people with no Jerusalem IDs. He got back one of them but his radio was missing. He is going to file a complaint. The drivers were shouting "AL Kuds Hawiat" meaning "Jerusalem IDs" - apparently to cover themselves.The passage on the hill was as difficult. We assisted as much as we could. The gate at the university was closed, passage through the cement blocks required real climbing. We did it and one driver on the other side told us he was stuck at the checkpoint at Wadi Nar for 4 hours. We talked to T. about the gate she and her neighbors have to put on their own expense. They are being helped by the lawyer DS.