On the way to Abu dies there were several b.p. patrols. We met our first one before the first gas station, the second one right after the gas station and 3 more by the wall.We witnessed many people crossing over the wall. A jeep passed by checking id's from within the jeep, not even bothering to get out.S. the university guard, told us that a group of five people were taken in a jeep up the hill, south, and kept in the half built hotel just above the university. We did not get a chance to check it out.On our way to get the car and take a last round ,we found one of the b.p. patrols took over M.'s car and turned it into their office, on the hood of her car. M. told then to leave her car so they just took over another car. They stopped a group of young women going to work at the hospital. interrogated them in Arabic but writing the answers in a Hebrew typed form. The woman we saw refused to sign it as she did not read Hebrew and did not know what he had written.R. asked the soldiers for their name and number so we can put in a complaint about detaining the women for so long. It took almost an hour to get that information. R. called the Army Spokesman to complain and will follow up on this subject.The American photographer was harassed too, the soldier claimed that he can not take pictures without a permit and that he maybe a spy....