On the way to Abu Dis, soldiers stop transits in front of the cemetery. We arrived at the wall, two border soldiers checking identity cards, one soldier in the usual booth, making sure only children climb the wall (any adult who tried to climb the wall there was sent back, even if he came from the Israeli side and wanted to pass to the Palestinian side). Children were jumping the wall, after a while one of the soldiers moved away the provisory “stairs” made by stones the children were using to climb. A new booth is in place, just up the gas station near the wall. After few minutes we were there, one of the soldiers (Shai Nir? – he did not have his name on his uniform) told us to move away. Suddenly a military jeep and a transit arrived. Some people told us that the soldiers are about to confiscate the transit since one of the passengers did not have a permit, though the driver, Assam Jaber (transit plate no 72-924-15), asked if all the passengers had ids. The guy without the permit was wounded (he had a small cut in his face and got an infection) and wanted to reach the hospital. We managed to give him and the driver a card of the moked. After some discussions with the driver, the jeep drove away and the transit after them, with the driver and the guy without permit. We were told that in Abu Dis 18 transits have been confiscated. The first time the army confiscate them for 30 days, the second time for 60 days and the third time they just take the transit away and do not give it back.