E-ram:People are passing through quickly. Although the line of cars is long, all appears to be running very smoothly. When asked, two drivers say they have been waiting an hour to pass the Machsom. One woman calls to us to say that it is always better when we are present. The Mefaked agrees to check with us the length of time it takes a car to get to the front of the line, and he stands out there with us. We ascertain that the cars are spending fifteen minutes in line. There is a group of about fifteen womanstanding just before the point where the roped off area for lining up begins. They have no Tasrich, nor are they available to them, although they are teachers (of English) because of their age. And so they wait, looking for an opportunity to get through. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't.Qalandya:South - People are checked and pass very quickly in both directions. North - two men and one woman volunteers checking. As we stand there, the soldier nearest to us makes an effort to be very pleasant and passes people very quickly. He does not let anyone without the proper credentials go through. Today no teachers are allowed through. The soldiers tell us this is because yesterday some teachers tried to pass with false ID's. The question is, what is false. Peter Lerner was contacted. But he did not return the call. About thirty-five teachers were standing together, who were not allowed to enter. At one moment when the soldiers were not looking, they simply walked in very fast.