Southern checkpoint - pedestrians and cars going through relatively quickly. It took about 20 minutes for a car to go by.Northern checkpoint it looked quiet as well. Some new red boots soldiers with new Kav Hatefer volunteers are there. Two soldiers asked politely Palestinians to move their goods for sale from the checkpoint area further north. They approached us asking who we were. We informed them, thanking their concern for us (they said it is not safe and told us that there was shooting from Kalandiya during the night).Two border police soldiers were doing random double checks of people who went north and already got checked at the southern checkpoint. They took i.d.s for checking, giving them back after a short while. A few Palestinians complained about it, we asked the two soldiers to try and give back the i.d.s quicker and surprisingly enough they did.Taxi drivers were as nice and welcoming as always telling us that things are quite today.