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When we arrived the soldiers were dismantling the rocks the Palestinians had put at the foot of the hill to enable crossing. One of them was cursing the Palestinians while doing it. As soon as the soldiers had left, the Palestinians put the stones back. Even with the stones the passage was difficult and we found ourselves assisting old women, mothers with babies, people with parcels. The soldiers had not come back - at least until we left at about 5p.m. S., the guard at the gate of Al-Kuds university showed us the new improvised passage through the wall of the university when the institution closed. A bench and a couple of chairs. The blocks we climbed on last week got an addition of another layer, so passing is impossible. He said people are passing through whatever opening they find. In the morning when kids go to school they can go through the university even on Thursdays and Friday when there are no studies and the gatesinfo-icon are closed.The transit drivers were complaining about having to enable rides only for people with right IDs. The army stops them a little after the exit point and checks the passengers. They can get arrested, the ID or license taken away. One of them told us about is arrest and taking his ID away.