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We arrived just after a smoke grenade has been thrown over to the eastern side of the blockade. The border policemen told us that they had to react to stones that were earlier thrown on them from that area. The only passage that was allowed for the Palestinians was through the University and people that have tried to climb the blockade on the northern part of the road were forced to go back on the same route. They even tried to make a Russian nun do it, but didn't succeed. A group of Palestinians were kept on the southern alley, their identity cards were checked and the details were written down. After being kept for about 10 min, all of them were allowed to pass. Most of the border policemen behaved rather politely with the people, and explained to us that the reason for their strict behavior had to do with a special warning for that day. Kids were allowed to pass everywhere andexcept for the group that has been mentioned, people continued later to cross, even over the blockade, being only occasionally checked. In general the border policemen behaved well and were even friendly towards us.