Transit drivers gathered around us and told us all their problems that recently became more acute. They have to check their passengers and refuse to take "shbachim" (Palestinians having no permit to enter Israel). If they are caught they are being investigated by "Maimon" and have to sign a paper saying that in case they don't comply they would pay 5000 shekels when they are caught. They say that they are in great troubles with their own people. There were also 5 women from Jericho detained for 3 hours because their i.d. were taken in Ras el Amud and they were sent to Abu-dis to get them. The border policemen were not present there and people crossed to the other side through the field on badly improvised steps. We called Safadi, left a message asking the police to show up at the wall. We also called the Moked about the women. After half an hour some jeeps arrived with the women’s i.d. and what a surprise with some very high border policemen officers.The new situation now is: pedestrians are being left alone, more or less, and all the pressure is put on the drivers .