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6:30 - A Border Police jeep patrolled the road from Ras El-Amud to Abu-Dis, stopping here and there, and disturbing the traffic, of course. About 400 m. from the wall a group of people were checked by 3 border policemen. People with a blue I.Ds. were allowed to continue on their way, but all the others were sent back to the wall, to get their I.D.s. The soldiers said that today all the permits are invalid.At the wall: people were passing by way of the field. No checking at all. The entrance to mosque is still sealed, the only way is through the university.On the other side of the wall: people told us that the real checkpoints are on the way to Wadi Nar. We took a bus, whose driver was very friendly (I have his name and phone number) , all the way to Wadi Nar. The first checkpoint is about 300 m. from the mosque, to the right. On the way we saw another checkpoint , close to the other branch of Abu-Dis University. The road leading down to Wadi Nar was closed by metal gate. About 20 people were waiting there, probably detaineesinfo-icon. On the other side all the cars were waiting for a border police jeep to go away.