E-ram: long lines of cars few pedestrians.We took a taxi to the checkpoint ,and were not permitted to pay. A man paid for our trip and we couldn’t convince him to withdraw (!!)Qalandya South - Lots of pedestrians going through the checkpoint . Only one volunteer reservist checking very roughly the ID’s. Everybody was allowed to cross.Qalandya North - The checkpoint was ideally clear, no long lines ,quite clean. Two soldiers and two women soldiers stood on the side. Two volunteer reservists checked with a smile the Palestinians crossing…..We approached the soldiers and they came toward us: we were greeted warmly (it happened, believe me!!!) It was the district commander's aide). He introduced to us the 2 women soldiers that are writing an item about the checkpoint (for “BaMachane” – army magazine). “How wonderfully the checkpoint works”, they said. They took photos of the Palestinians crossing as well. The district commnader said: Our presence in the checkpoint is the clear sign that all works perfectly (!!!!!)Tora Bora: very busyAround 17.30 two border police jeeps appeared in the south part of the checkpoint. Border policemen checked the ID’s and there were lots of detaineesinfo-icon for short periods of time .