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The afternoon of the 24th of December was not a typical checkpoint day.Bethlehem: A few hours before our arrival both the convoy of the Latin patriarch and the Ta'ayush demonstrators were allowed to pass the checkpoint. When we arrived there were at least 10 border policemen, a representative of the army spokesman and a few other soldiers whose duty apparently was to present a make believe festive atmosphere at the checkpoint. There were tourists on their way to the Manger Square, cars were allowed to pass in both directions and the few Palestinians who passed were treated courteously.El Khadr: Very muddy. 3 soldiers (parachutists or nahal) amidst a stream of Palestinians, mostly of their way from Bethlehem to Hebron, hardly checking anybody. Abu Dis: People crossing north of the wall as long as the border policemen were next to the church. There every one was checked, but nobody was stopped.