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E-Ram: The commander (Border Police) asked us who we are and if we have awritten permit to be in the checkpoint. He said it has to be a sterileinfo-icon territory. We have to stand 50 meters from the checkpoint. But things went very smoothly, although there was quite a heavy stream of pedestrians. Nobody was stopped and although the queue of cars was quite long it went fast.Qalandya south - huge blocks of cement were placed on the road at the junction and before the checkpoint . The turmoil there is enormous, cars have hardly any way to make a u turn. At the checkpoint itself there is a swamp that you can not avoid. The reserve soldier is polite to us, but said to a Palestinian - "if you will do it again I will confiscate your card, you piece of garbage". Qalandya north - the young volunteer woman is there, very nice. Lets a woman who works in a clinic in Jerusalem and passes everyday, to cross even though the soldier on the other lane did not let her.