'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Qalqiliya, Tue 18.12.07, Morning

Ruthi C., Shlomit S. (reporting) Translation: Galia S.

06:30 – 07:00 Sufin/Qalqiliya checkpoint
It's cold. Vehicles come streaming from Qalqiliya. The soldier carries out the check skillfully and swiftly to prevent creating a line.

08:15 – 08:30 Anabta
The winter and the Moslem Holiday Id Al Ad'ha [the Holiday of Sacrifice] are apparent. There is no traffic. Vehicles can scarcely be seen. We haven't even talked with the soldiers. We have just been standing here, waving to greet the few vehicles that pass. It's cold.

09:00 – 09:30
It seems that the oppressive checkpoint routine can be avoided thanks to the holiday and the cold. Again, a lot of soldiers and only few vehicles pass. It's very, very quiet.

We stop at Abu Hatem's and wish him a happy holiday. It's sad.