'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Mon 17.12.07, Afternoon

Elisheva A. Yonah A. Natanya translating.

13.50 Jubara
At the entrance to the village, reservists stop us and they say that they are new and do not know if we are allowed through. They ask if we have a permit in writing and ask us to wait. The captain phones the operations room and in the meantime Elisheva phoned the office of the brigade commander who tell us to phone the captain of the air defence Mattie who returns us to the brigade commander. After 20 minutes another soldier arrives and we are allowed through.

14.15 Childrens' Gate
 At the Childrens' Gate are two soldier who also ask for a permit,. They say they do not belong to the same unit as the soldiers at Jubara. In the meantime cars in both directions pass without delay and only we are detained. People are getting ready for the holidays and a vehicle with sheep goes through.

14.30  The soldiers say they have received a reply and the police are on their way. Elisheva again phones the brigade commander and gets Mattie's answering service. In spite of the fact that we know that it is important that we establish our rights we decide to go on.

14.40 Anabta. 
Much traffic in both directions. Here too are reserve soldiers. 3 stand at the south and two at the north. Cars pass without delay and only now and again are their IDs checked.