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We arrived at al-Khadr roadblocks as usual, at around 7.10, to find the place completely deserted of Palestinian presence. Full curfew is being tightly enforced and at this early hour of the day no one yet dared to break it. Not more than ten Palestinians, all of them holders of formerly valid permits from the Hebron district, stood at the nearby junction, in hope of continuing their journey. IDF soldiers manning two jeeps waited idly in the midst of this deadly silence and emptiness. Slightly shocked by our presence at the site, they nevertheless treated us politely. We later drove first to the direction of Husan village and then to Etzion junction. Etzion junction was as deserted (Palestinian wise) as al-Khadr, and so was checkpoint 300 (Bethlehem) to which we returned at the end of this frustrating journey.