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Border police allowed only people with blue IDs and permits to pass. Students going to the Open University of A-Tur were turned back. An over term pregnant woman with an appointment to a doctor was stopped. We tried to help her, but she did not want to wait and turned back after saying to the soldier that her new child will revenge him with a suicide attack. A transit driver said that one of the soldiers hit a cerebral palsy invalid who was with his wife and his two children. His wife did not have an ID and this was the cause of the problem. Another driver said that the female soldier hit a woman who tried to bypass the wall. The behavior of two of the soldiers was so rude and aggressive that we will ask for a complaint to be filed.By the mosque, a jeep was stationed forbidding people to pass through. We heard loud speakers announcing a curfew but at the same time a big crowd of people who wanted to go towards Jerusalem were told to turn back and to pass through the A-Zaim checkpoint. These contradictory orders (stay at home/ go by another way) are very characteristic of this chaotic situation. We asked why pregnant women cannot pass and were told that there were cases of terrorists who pretended to be pregnant women. We called Moked several times and a woman in charge was very helpful. She called the commander who told her that all people who needed to pass would be able to do so.