We were approached at Qalandya South checkpoint by 15 taxi drivers whose IDs and car-keys had been confiscated a short while before (it was 2 p.m.). According to them, they had parked their cars on the side of the road leading to E-Ram and one of them on the road to Jab'a. We called the Moked, and a few minutes later, a soldier at the checkpoint handed out IDs and keys to 10 of the car owners. The still missing 5 IDs and keys were apparently in the the pocket of the soldier who had confiscated them. Guided by the angry 5 car-owners we went down to the entrance of the quarry, where one driver identified the culprit. The soldier, however, denied having the IDs and keys and was totally non-cooperative and hostile. Only after we called the district commander and told him that the soldiers were disregarding his orders (namely, that it is forbidden to confiscate IDs), did the soldier start to move and announced, that the missing items could be collected at Qalandya checkpoint.