9.10.02 WednesdayA-Ram, Qalandiya6.30 – 9.30Neta E., Rachel M., Magdalena H.Very busy traffic to both sides, pedestrian, cars and trucks. 30 minutes waiting time.A-Ram, a border police officer told us to move from the machsom, for our own security.Qalandiya, new signs for control lines to both sides with colours: blue, orange, green and passports. New concrete barricades marking the lines.Volunteers from "Kaw ha Tefer" encluding three young women. They were very suspicious of us. The passing was quite fast and smooth.Curfew in Ramallah from 18.00 – 06.00 nightly.Back to A-Ram: Next to "Sunny 200” we met a couple without any passing permission. The woman was pregnant in the third month and the fetus was dead. They came from Jabb'a (Giv'on) and wished to go to Augusta Victoria Hospital. We took them to A-Ram, the Kaba"tz Shaffi refused to help them. We called first the DCO spokesman and than Moked le Haganat ha Prat (Center for the Defence of the Indivudual). It took around half an hour and the couple were given permission to pass.Two seconds of succsess.