We arrived at 7:30 a.m. There was one car from Jerusalem waiting to be checked and about 20 pedestrians from both sides waiting about 10 minutes for the control. While we were observing the checkpoint two trucks passed to Bethlehem, one without control (maybe the border police knew the driver), one after a superficial control (just opening the doors and closing them) . A woman coming from Bethlehem could not pass, after she refused to show her American passport, "because this is not an international border". She was an American, working for the UN. Not to show an international passport seemed to be a matter of principle for her.El KhadrWe arrived at 8:25. Four border policemen were controlling only young men. 14 of them had to stand besides each other, waiting for checking their ID's. One of the police men was interested to speak mainly to one of us. He told her the whole story how he was hurt by another "Machsom Watch"-woman. We told him that we had nothing against him.