A very quiet morning. No curfew in Ramallah. On the way to Ar-Ram two soldiers detaining one man, orange ID, no permit, was standing here for 5 minutes till we arrive the soldiers already called to check him out. In E-Aram, the traffic flows. A. is there.Qalandiya north and south the traffic flows. On the way back in E-Ram three women with three small children (one pregnant) request to pass with no permit. Say they are going to the hospital with the pregnant woman. the soldier claims that the hospital in Ramallah is open and he is sure that they are going to sit and begfor money. we summon A. who proves his reputation is justified and allows to pregnant woman and one other (including only her child) to pass. The soldiers scold him that he was doing it because he was afraid of us. We thought that it was not fear but the wish for recognition. On the way to Neve-Yacov we see again the same two soldiers detaining two other men (the one we saw over an hour before was already sent home) going through the same procedure of checking their security status. There was no tension or rude behavior.The night after this quiet shift it was announced in the late new broadcast that there were shots ar E-Ram.