Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Thu 20.12.07, Morning

Yael Y., Shira V. (reporting) Tal K. (a guest)

Because of the holiday,  we decided to go when we thought there will be more traffic of family, due to holiday visits.

10:25 Zeitim passage

The checkpoint is almost empty. Two sleeves are open, and the light traffic there is flowing. We entered the checkpoint and returned through it to the western side. There were no special problems.
We recommend to those who want to enter the checkpoint to have I.D., and to remove jewlery that may cause alerts.

11:07 Wadi Naar

There is heavy traffic , mostly taxis and transits full of valises, but there are also private cars .
There are four vans heading south detained and standing aside. There are young Palestinians waiting near by.
Another van is detained heading south on the road. Men who are inside it were asked to descend and open their valises. It was done on the road. A few minutes later it was released.

About a quarter of an hour after we arrived, all the other vans were released. Checkups arae meticulous, but randomal,m and include checking IDs, and openning luggage compartments. Some of the other vehicles ar not checked at all, and waved through.

11:30 we left the place.