Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 9.12.07, Morning

Sharon V. and Ditza Y. (reporting)

Translation: Rachel B.S.

7.55 Za'tara – one car at the western checkpoint.

At the northern checkpoint: a bus is being checked. The passengers who are standing outside are being called by names by a female officer,  and she is giving them their ID cards back, and they are getting back on the bus.

The CP commander comes to us and asks that we stay away from the Palestinians, we are keeping him from doing his job. When we ask if we are forbidden from talking to them, he says we are not, it's just that right now our presence on the spot is interfering. We could not understand what we were interfering with exactly, but as there was no need for any particular intervention on our part, we stayed in the place where we were allowed to stand.

another bus arrived and is being checked. The passengers are ordered to come out and commanded by the female officer to stand in a line. She is holding their ID cards, reading their names, and they get back on the bus.

8.10    a third bus arrives. Its passengers are waiting until the soldiers are done checking the passengers from previous bus. 

the bus that arrived at 8.05 is leaving the CP. We are also leaving, counting on our way 12 vehicles that are waiting.

Beit Furik: there are a few pedestrians in the carrousels. 4 vehicles are waiting. The drivers, in reply to our question, say that it is ok right now, they only have to wait for a short  time.

8.45 Huwwara: about 30 people are in the turnstiles. 3 checking posts and an X-ray machines are working. From time to time one of the people going through the turnstiles is being asked to bring his or her luggage over for examination on the X-ray machine. A., the CP commander, comes and speaks to us. He treats the palestininas humanely. When an old man who is walking with difficulty starts to walk towards Nablus, he lets him go past the checkpoint and arranges a ride for him.

9.20 A., the commander, is allowing the driver to enter Nablus. We can hear T. the DCO representative, who is standing near him, saying to him: "Don't do it, don't make any disorder". A. says it's fine, the driver is only going for half an hour, he will still be here when the driver comes back. It turns out that the driver did not have a permit to enter the city. Evidently, A. trusted him and let him go through any way. The parking lot near the checkpoint is very full, there is a lot of commotion, yelling and arguments among the Palestinians.

9.35 there are about 10 people at the checkpoint. 

two checking posts are active. About 30 people are waiting in the turnstiles. A Palestinian arriving from Nablus tells us that the situation at Al-Baddhan checkpoint is very bad. 

9.55 we left the checkpoint.