Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 11.12.07, Afternoon

Fatchia I. Hanah C.

Natanya translating.

15.00  Huwwara
The checkpoint was almost empty. While we were there it filled up a bit, especially the humanitarian lane.
The women soldiers at the checkpoint are an embarrassment to those wanting equality of the sexes.  
They function as dogs guide to smell out the parcels and order the men to show them parts of their naked body. 
 In the isolation cell next to where the women are checked is a young Palestinian whose work permit is said
to be forged but after an hour he is freed and told that  his document is not relevant for the humanitarian lane. It seems that one of the soldeird was obssesed by the idea that permits are forged, (not the ID) .  A permit, suspectet as forged was taken from an agricultural engineer, who works in Jericho. It was taken from him and  was returned after 15 minutes. The justification is that he cannot use it for all events.
A rented car, which usually goes through is delayed for a long time by the new shift and only after the intervention of the DCO is it allowed through.
16:15 Za'tara A lane of 40 cars at the crossroads.