Beit Iba, Tue 27.11.07, Morning

Sarah K, Elinoar B (Reporting)

Beit Iba - 08:45-09:50
The construction work is nearly finished. According to the checkpoint commander by the end of this week. Today the people entering Nablus and the ones coming out pass in the same lane, but no lines form. Traffic  - both vehicular and pedestrian  - is sparse. At this hour most students must have passed already.
On the checking table the people coming out empty their bags as usual.A young man is required to perform the notorious so-called "dance": lift your trouser legs, lift your shirt, turn around etc.

The usual sights: a disabled little girl and her wheelchair pass into Nablus on a donkey-driven cart. An old, stooped couple waddle on foot. This is due to the restrictions on vehicular traffic into the city.
The contractor's workers come to work where we're standing and demand that we move, impose on my private space quite unnecessarily rudely, as we didn't even argue.
On the way to Al Funduq (separate report) we pass near Shavei Shomron. No detaineesinfo-icon today, survivors who try to bypass the checkpoints.