Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Mon 17.12.07, Morning

Rina R., Maya B., (reporting)
 We decided  to start at the Zitun Terminal, at 6:30 in order to see what happens an hour and a half earlier then our usual arrival time.  But we were disappointed.  From conversations with  some drivers and men that came through we understood that the time to see a few hundred people pass we would have to be there  between 5-6 AM.

We were told that mostly people with a  permit, pupils and blue I.Ds. pass. 
Emergency  health problems are better dealt with by the Palestinien DCO, which we visited last week.


In East Jerusalem , where we started, there was a lot of traffic, minibuses, large buses, and many many merchants, getting ready for Id El Adha,  which is on Wed.  and increases the volume of both human and car traffic  very much. There was quit a presence of B.P.  mostly women  walking around the city, but no  confrontation were noticeable.

Wadi Naar, very smooth flowing traffic.  No car was stopped or detained.
We got back at 9:30, after checking   east Jerusalem   on our way back as well.