'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Irtah, Thu 29.11.07, Morning

Nora R., Hana P. (reporting)

Irtah - 06:50
The checkpoint is bustling with activity; fruit picking is at its peak and the laborers are pleased.

Ar-Ras - 07:00
Time for changing shifts.  The soldiers are on reserve duty, and most of them are wearing yarmulkes.  The children's school bus goes through smoothly.  Traffic is sparse.

Anabta - 07:50
Reserve duty soldiers, religious.  A queue begins to form at the exit.  To my query whether inspections are random, the soldier responds: "what does it matter."  IDs of those in Israeli cars are inspected.

There's a change of shifts; the queue at the exit grows to 15 cars; IDs are inspected at random.  A man who arrives wearing a coat is asked to lift it up.