Beit Iba, Jit, Wed 21.11.07, Morning

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Inbal R., Rina Tz. (reporting) Trans. Judith Green

an ordinary day at Beit Iba. No checkpoints at J'it and 'Ain Bidan. Checkpoint 408 is closed, also for ambulances.
The new outpost at Shvut Rachel has not been evacuated.

Beit Iba
The constuction at the checkpoint continues. They put two up two magnometers and two turnstiles, got rid of the shed in which they had been checking pedestrians and put up a shed for inspection of women.
Very few vehicles, also not many pedestrians; no lines.
A DCO representative was there.
No checkpoint at 'Ain Bidan.
Checkpoint 408, next to Asira-a-Samaliyyah has been closed for almost a month, also for ambulances, and they must make a roundabout route through 'Ain Bidan.

J'it Junction
The taxi drivers say that, in the last few days, there were checkpoints at the Junction. Today there are no soldiers there.

Next to the building of the illegal outpost, Shvut Ami, next to Kedumim, which was erected 2 months ago, and was declared evacuated by the IDF, we saw a parked car, which means that there are people in the building, which is still standing. What kind of game is this, and who is throwing sand in our eyes?