Beit Iba, Wed 21.11.07, Afternoon

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Osnat (volunteer).,Tami K (reporting) Sara P (guest)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Beit Iba

10 cars are passing through the check-point slowly.
On our arrival we notify the Humanitarian Center and Dana about the big queues at Tulkarm.
The checkpoint is very busy. Some construction materials (metal poles, ECT…) were unloaded on the path, supposedly to prevent us and the Palestinians from going through.
The Army police are standing outside by the remote controller that opens and closes the gatesinfo-icon. Many students are waiting between the gates shouting singing and pushing. The soldiers are busying themselves in trying to re-educate and discipline the students and keeping the order. They punish, shout and push as well.
The District Coordinator, Tomer, is the humanitarian figure in the check-point .He helps the children and the women pass through quickly. The older men and women are stopped and sent to the locked-up area.
We contact the humanitarian center regarding the "waiting-room" where people were stuck in the rain waiting for the gates to open. At one time the gate was closed for 10 minutes. Rudi and another soldier arrive as a back-up and soon after a few more officers arrived.
They begin assisting the check-up process. Moshe the commander asks if I am Hannah and is disappointed to find out that I am not.
We leave the check-point when it gets dark. There are only a few people in the check-point and a bus full of women which is detained but Moshe promises to see to it.
A few young people who were sent to the end of the queue after being released from the locked-up area refused to do move and demanded to receive their IDs where they were.
On our way we meet a Hummer and lots of army. They stop a Palestinian truck and check some young men. We tried to find out more and a soldier tries to get us to go away. Traffic is allowed to proceed eventually.
Another wet and miserable day in the occupied territories.