Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Mon 10.12.07, Morning

Rina R., Ronnie P., Maya B., (reporting) Susan A.,(visitor)
07:00 we arrive at Sheikh Saed. The main activity is a major cleanup effort on the part of the two B.P. soldiers ,  not on the hill below  the C.P.  but  on the road  leading up the hill.  Most of the  those passing through are children of all ages  going to school.  There is hardly an adult  with a blue I.D.
The soldiers  are correct.

At Abu Dis total silence.  Not a mouse to be seen.
Zeitun  Terminal . The people coming through , who have permits, are very bitter at the lack of any decent regular means of transportation  on the Israeli side.
We continue to Wadi Naar. No   queue or anything,  just one detainee inside the C.P.

We decide to go to the Palestinien DCO. inside  Abu Dis.  It is behind the wall inside  Abu Dis, turning left  in the direction of  El Kuds University. There  Rina and Ronnie give the woman who is handling  the Palestinian requests  a list of phone numbers  at which to reach those who can be of  assistance. That seemed like a good idea.

We returned at 10:00