Beit Iba, Mon 3.12.07, Afternoon

Nina S. Elisheva A.

Natanya translating.

15.00  The turnstiles are not working yet and those entering are checked in the new booth.  There is one line for those leaving and when their numbers increased M. from the DCO helped with the checking. 4 military policewomen are walking around. One of them checks a blue ID of a person from Nazareth Elite who is leaving  Nablus  and she asks the commander in a loud voice if Nazareth Elite is in the occupied areas. The commander handles the checkpoint quietly and without tension.

A woman soldier from the Oketz unit who is checking cars turns to me and says that she wants to apologise for being so rude to me last week.  Some days previously some of our members had bothered her while she was carrying out her duties and had photographed inside the vehicle and spoke to her rudely and ordering her around. She has looked for me the whole week to apologise.  She says she tries to not hurt the feelings of the car owners and has a towel so as to wipe the car seats which the car dirtied.

I am so sorry for this young girl.

15.45 We left.