Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tue 27.11.07, Morning

Michal Z., Michal Ts. (reporting)

06:30 – 11:00

(Meitar) Sansana CP
06:45: The passage was empty of Palestinians. We decided to wait a little bit and check for the reason. The peddlers explained that only some 150 people passed through and the rest probably preferred not to come as they despaired of the attitude of the soldiers towards them. As we were waiting, three transits arrived and we observed from the Israeli side, that the 30 people passed through within 10 minutes.

Route 60
Dura el-Pawar: People – old and young – cross the junction under the pillbox.
Sheep junction: A jeep of the Lavie brigade stops randomly groups of adolescents and check their IDs. “It is an order of the commanders. We know whom to stop, from looking at their faces. You are not to interfere with our work, because you endanger your lives. Our job is to protect the Jews.” Say the soldiers, when we're trying to ask how do they know whom to stop.
Along the hills of Benei Naim, old and young have to climb the mounds, because of the apartheid roads.


Pharmacy CP: Soldiers stop some workers, who crossed over to H2 area for work. Finally they are released and allowed to pass. The international volunteers tell us about grave incidents that occurred at the Cordoba school yesterday and the day before, and we go over there to speak with Ms. Rim, the Principal. She told us that on Sunday, when the regular school guard was absent from the school area (due to mourning in his family), settlers entered and smashed the decorative fence, and littered the entrance path with rocks. They destroyed the new garden and rooted up the fresh plants. Rim called the gardeners of the Hebron municipality, who came and did their best in order save the plants and replant them. She also photographed the damage done. The next day settler kids and adolescents, with encouragement of their elders, set out again to sow havoc; they climbed on the original staircase (with the barbed wire) and with axes they broke the water pipe to the school.  They yelled and cursed and made obscene slaughtering gestures. Rim called the police, who came and dispersed the settlers within half an hour. Rim sounded determined. “I know that Jews have property here and guard it. But we have property too, and we will guard it.”  We apologized in the name of the sane part of Israeli citizens, and returned appalled and ashamed.

Tarpat CP: Empty and quiet.
Tel Rumeida: Soldiers order young people that pass to lift their shirts’ but do not detain. The disputed house: desolate.