Beit Iba, Mon 29.10.07, Morning

Osnat R, Frances T,(reporting)

07.40 Jit
The junction is empty

07.45 Beit Iba. 
The usual traffic jam on our side of the checkpoint.  15 cars are waiting and there is nowhere for cars to pass.  We do not see any lines exiting Nablus.
The officer in charge is friendly and communicative.  Palestinians are passing freely and no lines accumulating.  There are random checks of incoming cars.  Women and men over 35 are passed without a check.
The checkpoint is quiet and we leave.

9.55 Jit junction
We are on our way to Ariel to the police station to report (at the police request) on the traffic accident which occurred in August during our shift.  The checkpoint is now manned and there is a long line of vehicles.  We ask one driver who reports he has been waiting an hour (probably half an hour as per our checking).   There are 4 soldiers and a Hummer.  Again soldiers are joking among themselves, sending SMS messages and generally causing delays.  About 25 cars standing in line.  We also see regular policeman on the road from Tulkarm checking traffic.