Beit Furik, Huwwara, Sat 24.11.07, Morning

Hava H., Vivi Z.,
Translation: Hanna K.

When we reached the CP we saw hundreds of people crowding behind the only turnstile, which is blocking the entrance to
A few minutes later the deputy commander called  the people to pass at the wide road leading from the CP to Nablus, and there began a rush of women, children and men around the long and high fences which enclose the CP. Nobody gave a thought to his honour, and they all ran in panic to succeed to do it in time before the soldiers change their mind  and they'll again have to crowd behind the turnstile and pass one by one, in a desperate  slowness. And indeed, when the queue decreases to the dimensions which suited the commander, he stopped the "departure from
Egypt" as he called it.
There are many children and parents, as Saturday is a public holiday in many schools in the
Nablus sector. Tens of people in the different queues pass very slowly and each has his particular luck – one had to wait for two hours in his queue while his friend, who arrived with him, had to wait half an hour more. The undressing is performed meticulously and the magnometers beep, so that one man is sometimes obliged to pass and return and pass again through the x-ray detector, sometimes even five times. At 09:30 there is a loud call to stop all the passages and to lock the turnstiles. Everything stops so that the soldiers who according to their appearance are religious, should begin making the blessings over the Sabbath wine, praying and shaking their bodies looking in the direction of the Palestinians, who remained caught behind the turnstiles. They look at each other with the enormous barrier between them, the soldiers and soldier girls have an expression of distaste, while the Palestinians prefer to keep a noncommittal expression, lest they be hurt.
To the collection of pictures telling the valour of
Israel, in which one sees soldiers laying phylacteries at sunrise next to a tank or an armoured personnel carrier, history has to add Kiddush at the CP opposite barriers that block the lives of tortured civilians.
A military policewoman hysterically shouts the word arsenal "ouachad, hoyah, arja" screaming, shrieking, shouting. Here to the Israeli history will make her the wretched victim of what she herself caused to other victims.
In the queue of the cars leaving Nablus there are dogs.
The Palestinians leave the cars a certain distance before their car reaches the dog trainers, and the dogs circle around the vehicles very thoroughly.
An ambulance transporting a medical crew of men and women also had to undergo the same searching procedure. That is why in half an hour only three cars passed.
The children Matsam and Nazar sold warm beverages, and two other coffee vendors were in the parking lot and said that the soldiers disturb them by words only, threatening to remove them, but haven't done so in the last week.

At Yitzhar
The cars are checked again and again at Za'tara.

We went for a short time to Beit Furik, there are few men and few cars which pass when they reach the CP.