Beit Iba, Jit, Tue 20.11.07, Morning

Shlomit, Ruti C. (reporting)

On the way to Beit Iba we took a quick look to see what's going on in Shavei Shomron; it is completely closed and there were no soldiers in the area.

Beit Iba-07:30-09:00

The Beit Iba checkpoint is transforming in front of our very eyes:  "no entrance" signs washed by the pouring rain, iron dividers, and an organized chaos.  All those entering Nablus aren't inspected at all.  The soldiers stand in a group and chat, and inspect together those leaving.  When we tried to get information about those detained in the detaineesinfo-icon enclosure, the checkpoint commander refused to speak with us, which a female soldier next to him tried to explain that they are taxi drivers who were arrested and disturb everyone, including the Palestinians who prefer that we handle them.

A vehicle trying to get out of Nablus is given a negative answer.  It lets off a woman passenger with the small girl.  The passenger approaches us and asks that we inspect her.  When we explain to her what it is we do she turns to the soldiers and asks that they inspect her.  The soldiers give her permission to carry on, but she insists that her ID be checked.  This is a heart-wrenching sight.  Finally, she moves on.


The Jit checkpoint is also manned.  Palestinian vehicles can't cross in the Kedumim direction.  We ask for permission to U-turn and drive back.