Azzun, Wed 28.11.07, Afternoon

Dalia G.,Tammie C

Azzun 15.00

We stopped there as we had been asked to check on the heavy blows inflicted there by the army and the settlers on the local population after the terrorist attack. Tammie made an appointment with  Abdullah, a local resident, for a later hour. 

16.30 We leave Funduk where most of the shops are closed and the roads almost deserted. There is no curfew but people are scared of the pogroms which had taken place two days ago.  At the entrance to the village are army vehicles. We did not see the damage which was inside the village and not on the main road. 

At Azzun,  the entrance is blocked with cement barriers. Cars wait at the side of the village, so far in vain, for the checkpoint to be opened. The villagers try to push aside the barrier but to no avail. 

Tammie and 2 volunteers of the ISM met with Abdullah who could not come to the barrier because he was ill and we could not get to him either.  We had no option but to meet with the two volunteers. Eric told us that he had been beaten up with no cause and without any provocation on his part. Only because of a question that he had asked them. 

17.30 We left.