Reihan, Tue 27.11.07, Morning

Tami s., Hana E.
Translation: Y. Bassis-Student
We arrived at the lower car park area. By the gate there were about 20 people, for some reason they were not brought in.
We went to talk to Gilad, who was the person in charge. 
When we came back we noticed  that people were let through near the bridge, about half a kilometer east of the checkpoint  a crowd of Palestinians, old, women and infants gathered..
The deputy head of the municipality of East-Barta'a told them that an UNRA food  truck  which arrives once a month, would not be allowed through this checkpoint, this time. He asked people to get to the Palestinian side of the checkpoint in order to receive the food from the truck. People turned to us worried and unhappy. We spoke to Gilad who was not aware as to what was going on. We also spoke with S. at the DCO who too was not a ware of the problem.
We had waited for a while but the truck did not show up. In the evening I called one of those waiting and was informed that they have been waiting all day long but to no avail.
Very late they were told that the trucks would come in the next few days with a permit  to enter the village.