Bethlehem, Fri 16.11.07, Morning

Efrat B., Leah A.


08.44    Bethlehem Checkpoint :   2 inspection stations open.   Surprisingly  there is a queue of 30 people waiting to enter

 Bethlehem, among them 10 students on their way to an examination at Bethlehem University.   They have already been waiting for more than10 minutes.   There is no “logical” reason for the delay, since there are only a few people traveling in the Jerusalem direction.   We phoned the Humanitarian Office, and in the meantime, within a few minutes everyone passed through.  

 Many tens of people are passing in the Jerusalem direction.

Relatively speaking, many people are passing through the checkpoint today.  A security guard from the “Arie” company is circulating between the  inspection stations.   A group of workers who left at 04.00, return without   having been able to work.They returned empty-handed because their foreman failed to arrive without bothering to inform them. 

    1. Wallaje CP:   2 security guards and 2 border-policemen are present.   The passage back to Jerusalem via Malcha is like returning to the “Bubble” : depressing as usual.


    Two worlds, so close and yet so far apart.