Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Thu 1.11.07, Morning

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Idit D., Ruti R. (reporting)


    1. Bethlehem checkpoint : the workers' passage through the checkpoint is orderly and calm.   All the passage-ways are open, and except for one female soldier who shouts from time-to-time, there is nothing worthy of comment.


0730      Al Nashash :   4 taxis are waiting for passengers.   We
              continue to Nebi
Yunis, where the vehicle traffic is sparse
              and 2 taxis are waiting.   We  move on to Beit Omer
              where a Hummer is standing by the road, and there is a
              steady stream of traffic.   We arrive at Al Arov, and there
              also it's quiet.

           On the way back to Etzion DCL : At the left-hand turn on  
           the Etzion roundabout we met a demonstration of Israeli
           teachers, of course with army security guards.

0930       Etzion DCL :   about 30 people, mostly men, are waiting in
entrance-hall.   The first 10 are already inside, and the
               people say they don't have to wait for long. However, until
               0945 no new people  entered or left.   Nevertheless, after 
               Idit's phone-call to the window-clerks some movement
               became apparent, and people again started to enter and
               come out again.   Also a policeman was present.   All the
               young men who came out of the civilian administration
               center were those to whom the GSS had refused a permit. 
               A number of young people who had been summoned by the
               GSS for questioning were waiting in a queue outside the

    A woman settler with a big pistol strapped to her backside was searching for a policeman.   “Maybe she wants to kill someone” said a man standing next to us . . . .