Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 7.11.07, Morning

Rahel M., Ora A., driving and helping Yosef M., transaltion Ruthie B.

Bethlehem, Al Nashash, Nebi Yunas, Etzyon


06:35 Bethlehem CP

A large number of people are crowded outside by the buses. Inside, only few people can seen. These people pass through quickly and exit. Inside it is peaceful and quiet. It seems hard to believe that just last week we witnessed this same place crowded, with long lines and much upheaval. We have not figured out what was the cause of this change 

07:15 Al Nashash

Here too, it is quiet. No one approaches us. 

07:40 Nebe Yunas

Many cars pass by us but do not stop. Someone waves hello from a passing car, but does not stop. 

08:10 Etzyon DCL

A few people are sitting in the hall waiting for licenses. The police officer is present, but is not answering the phone. No one approached us the whole time we were there.